…Competing with Pixels

Too many of us know the struggle and the pain. In competition with pixels. The images on a computer screen (or TV or magazine, etc.) It is possible to regain your own self-worth/self-esteem. It is possible to heal. It is possible to forgive. It is possible to rebuild.


Shared from Covenant Eyes, Written by “Coach Sarah”


It happened again just last week. In a support group I facilitate for wives of sex addicts, a new client said, with shock resonating, “I just don’t get it. You all are such beautiful, intelligent, amazing women!”

As a betrayal trauma recovery coach, I know this experience like the back of my hand—specifically because it’s such a common, nearly universal experience. In our heads, we understand that it’s not actually about us! And yet we don’t get it, because in our hearts… our souls… we feel rejected, unchosen, unloved, discarded, devalued, not exciting enough, not pretty enough… just plain not enough……..

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