The Little Foxes

I have learned the hard way.

Foxes will stalk their prey for days…weeks even. They study their habits. They learn the weaknesses of their prey.

See a fox – scare it away – it will return.

You must catch it. You must eliminate it. Or it will kill. A single fox can take out an entire flock within minutes.


We have been warned. Song of Solomon 2:15 reads, “Catch for us the foxes, the little foxes that ruin the vineyards, our vineyards that are in bloom.”


I am a backyard chicken farmer. I had just a few chickens to enjoy, and to collect eggs from. Weeks ago we saw a fox lurking on our property. And at that time we were not able to eliminate it. It ran off. We hadn’t seen it again. We have tried to remain cautious. But, as is known, foxes are sly…cunning…smart. They learn our habits.


My husband worked late one night and I was alone to care for my small children, which put me a little bit late closing the coop. This may have been the problem, but then again, it may have saved some of our chickens??? I will never know for sure. When I went to close their door for the night, they were all missing. My husband took off with his flashlights and found two and put them back in the coop and we sadly locked the door for the night. Our other two girls were still missing. I would begin searching first thing in the morning.


The next morning, it was obvious that a struggle had taken place in the chicken run, as there were several loose feathers. My fear was that the other two girls were both dead. But I continued to check, holding onto what little hope I had left. It was a dreary day. A rainy day. Later in the morning I heard a chicken screaming, I ran to the back door where I found one of my missing chickens panicking. As I opened the door she jumped into my arms and then I saw the fox run away.


We only lost one. But sadly, she is gone.


Would they have been safe if the coop had been closed on time? Or would they have been trapped and all killed? The “what-ifs” can drive you crazy. What is done is done.


Spiritually, emotionally, mentally….We have been warned. What has happened in the past, is in the past. We learn from it and improve our strategy. Our enemy…addictions, depression, fear…the demons that study us and want to destroy us are real. They are out there, waiting for the perfect opportunity. They must be killed/eliminated as soon as you first see evidence of them. Otherwise, if they find the right moment, the right opening, they will destroy us from within. I do not want to think I am in a place of safety, only to be caught off guard.



Father God, teach me how to catch the foxes. Help me to not be timid to eliminate them. You did not give me a spirit of fear! I do not want them in my home, my mind, my place of safety. Help me to do my part and to destroy them the moment they first appear in my life. Help me to always be aware of what is happening around me. Place people around me that are able to help me fight my spiritual battles when I am too weak to do so. Guard my heart and my mind. You know my thoughts afar off, do not allow anything to enter my mind that would cause harm to my spirit. Amen!





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