The One Inside

Written by Martin Angila

I was almost despairing in life. I tried to push harder in prayer, working more, trying new ideas, seeking help from friends but all to no avail. Nothing worked. I thought to myself, “Well, I don’t think I will pull it through.”

The final exam is just around the corner. If I don’t pay the fees on time, I will have to repeat the whole semester. If by any chance this happens, I’ll be forced to work double harder than the other students. Also, I’d be required to pay double the fees by the time school is opening.

I had not been making enough money in my part time job. The last few amounts I received, I used to pay for my upkeep. From the look of things, I’ll be in deep trouble if I don’t find money fast.

Two days to exam, I decided to man up and walk to accountant’s office to tell her my story. I was not a new face to her though. She had given me accommodation without paying the required half of the fees when reporting. This was after I promised to clear the fees before the end of the first month which I didn’t.

The discussion was quick as she adamantly refused to let me sit the exam without paying a the money. What will I do?

A Comeback

The night before the exam, I had given up. Nothing worked and I was doomed to miss the examination and face what I tried to avoid – repeating a whole semester.

While praying that night, this bible verse came to my spirit;

“I am crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live but, it is Christ who lives in me.” (Galatians 2:20 NKJV)

Just then, I got energized. I became happy and my spirit came to life. “You mean I had the solution in me all this time?” I asked myself.

I woke up early in the morning. Did some final touches on the day’s paper, prepared myself and got ready with my stationery. I took my phone and waited for any call (I thought God would send someone with the money, I was very wrong!)

I waited for about an hour and realized that I had thirty minutes before I sit for my first paper. I quickly got up and headed straight to the accountants office.

When I reached the office, she did not allow me to finish saying what I had in mind. “Martin, this is what I’ll do. Take this exam card, finish your exams and we’ll talk later.”

Hallelujah! I almost shouted in the office. This was a miracle. I did not believe it was the same lady that was peppery the previous day. She never wanted to hear my story and it was her right to deny me the exams.

Identity in Christ

Whenever I reflect on this incidence, I see how many Christians out there make mistakes when they feel pressured. I could have easily looked for other ways of doing the exams like some of my classmates who sneaked into the exam room.

In life, it comes a time when you feel as if everything has decided to go haywire. It is said that when days are dark, friends are few.

True to this saying, you are deserted and have no one to lean on. Let me surprise you. There is somebody inside of you and that person is Jesus.

If he was there, he could not have allowed me to go through it” maybe you are asking.

You are right but also wrong. He has allowed you to go through it. The words “through it” mean that you will not stay there forever. It is a temporary state. Jesus is by your side and he is helping you jump the hurdles one by one.

In life, not everything will be fine all the time. Sometimes they go against your will. It is not the time to focus on the negativities but let the focus remain on Christ.

When you put your eyes on him, it’ll not take long before you realize that you have gone through what would have been your lowest points in life. At the same time, He gives you the strength to keep you moving.

Final Thoughts

God knows your situation no matter how bad it is. He knows the perfect time to remove you from it according to his will. It can take a few days, months or even years. The bottom line still remains that He is the one with ability to rescue you.

So take heart my friend and within a short time, God will come to your rescue. I want to leave you with a common verse to catapult you on your quest to continue trusting the Lord regardless of your state.

Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters,whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.”(James 2:1-4 NIV)


About the Author

Martin Angila is a follower of Jesus Christ and pastor. He prides in the salvation he received at the cross and looking forward on the salvation that is to come.

He is an expert Christian writer that writes compelling Christian sermons, devotionals, Christian eBooks and blogs. His writing style brings the word of God in a way that is easy to understand, assimilate and touches their hearts of the readers.

In his childhood, Martin never thought that he would be a writer (not only because of his grammar) but he shied away from anything involving a pen. His passion to write began when he met Christ. Being called to minister, Martin knew that he would be able to reach a larger audience by writing than preaching. He has not yet reached his goal but everything is paving its way. In a few years time, he will be one of the renowned authors and Christian bloggers. Let your ears be open!

Currently, he is studying his degree in Business Administration at Scott Christian University. He enjoys playing keyboard and drums during his free time when not in the business of the kingdom. Email martin at or visit his LinkedIn profile here for more information. You can also like his Facebook page, anointed writes.

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